Kaffelogic Studio is used for managing content on your memory stick, viewing logs and designing profiles for the Kaffelogic Nano 7 benchtop coffee roaster. It is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

for MacDownload Kaffelogic Studio version for Mac

It's not in the App Store at this time, so you will need to follow these instruction from Apple when you install it.

for Windows Download Kaffelogic Studio version for Windows

This software is digitally signed by Kaffelogic Ltd. Windows may warn you that it is an unrecognised app: choose More info and Open anyway. The important thing is to check that the software is showing 'Verified publisher: Kaffelogic Ltd' before you install it.

for Linux Download Kaffelogic Studio version for Linux

Built on Ubuntu 18. Mileage may vary with other versions of Linux.

Updates: To update to a new version, download and install the new version. It will replace the older version. The update to version includes two new features: automatic backup of memory stick contents, and saving temperature conversion envelopes as files. See the release notes for more details. (There is also a minor bugfix for Windows users of v4.2.11.1.)

Trial download: If you are interested in installing Kaffelogic Studio and trying it out before purchasing a roaster, you are welcome to go ahead and install the software. Here is an example of a log file for you to look at.

released 7 July 2021

Your roaster will continue to work safely whether or not you update the firmware, but we recommend updating to the new version to get the latest features. There is a new feature in version 7.5.0 that allows the ambient room temperature to be entered by hand from manual mode. This feature is useful in follow-on roasts where the roaster has been turned off between roasts.

  1. Download the update to a memory stick.
    • Launch Kaffelogic Studio and select the 'View memory stick' tool and the 'Firmware' tab. This lets you download and save the update file with a single click.
    • Alternatively, download this firmware update file:
      Firmware version

      Then make a folder named kaffelogic with a subfolder named firmware on a memory stick, and copy the firmware update file to that subfolder.
  2. Put the memory stick in the roaster.
  3. Hold ▶ down while you turn the power switch on and the firmware will update off the memory stick.

Read the release notes for more information. The previous version of the firmware, 7.4.6, is available here.

To confirm your installed firmware version on the roaster: press ≡ four times, until you see "Press ▶ now for technical info". The ▶ button will then step you through various pieces of information about your roaster including your installed firmware version.

The Nano 7 comes pre-loaded with a default profile called "K-logic classic." This profile makes a fantastic job of most coffee varieties at a medium roast. Experiment to see which level of roast you prefer.

The core profiles are a set of 12 profiles that allow you to fine tune your roast profile to your coffee and your tastes. The guide and map are available from our Manuals page. You can also read about and download them one at a time on our community forum post.

The core profiles are supplied pre-loaded on your memory stick. They can be downloaded and updated using Kaffelogic Studio's View memory stick tool. They can also be downloaded here as a zip.

Core profiles zip file.

If you download the zip, you will need to copy the 12 profile files into the /kaffelogic/roast-profiles folder on your memory stick.

More roast profiles are available from our community forum.

Once you have found a profile on the forum, download it and open it with Kaffelogic Studio. Put a USB memory stick in and click "Save to USB".

After you have saved a profile on your memory stick, put the memory stick into the roaster and press the 'profile' button. This will let you load the new profile into the machine. Adjust the level, and you are ready to roast.