Kaffelogic Studio is used for viewing logs and designing profiles for the Kaffelogic Nano 7 benchtop coffee roaster. It is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

for MacDownload Kaffelogic Studio version 6.0.8 for Mac

It's not in the App Store at this time, so you will need to follow these instruction from Apple when you install it.

(If you are running an early version of MacOS, prior to Ventura, you will need to install this version:

for Windows Download Kaffelogic Studio version 6.0.8 for Windows

This software is digitally signed by Kaffelogic Ltd. Windows may warn you that it is an unrecognised app: choose More info and Open anyway. The important thing is to check that the software is showing 'Verified publisher: Kaffelogic Ltd' before you install it.

for Linux Get Kaffelogic Studio for Linux

Updates: To update to a new version, download and install the new version. It will replace the older version. (Linux users: no need to download anything, the snap will update automatically or when you manually refresh.)

The update from version 6.0.7 to version 6.0.8 is a minor maintenance update. It contains a couple of minor bug fixes, and addresses a couple of issues with app launch on Window 7 and Mac. See the release notes for more details on what has changed in this version.

Trial download: If you are interested in installing Kaffelogic Studio and trying it out before purchasing a roaster, you are welcome to go ahead and install the software. Here is an example of a log file for you to look at.

Previous version: In case you want to roll back to a previous, version 5.0.14 is available here: Mac Windows. Note that roll back on a Mac may require you to uninstall the app and then install the earlier version.

released 24 March 2023

Firmware updates 7.6.4, 7.6.5, 7.7.8, and 7.9.13 contain known issues. If you have any of these versions please update to version 7.9.15 at your earliest convenience.

If you are using BOOST please update to version 7.9.15 for best performance.

Your roaster will continue to work safely whether or not you update the firmware, but we recommend updating to the new version to get the latest features. The latest update fixes a bug with 50g batch size for BOOST users that was occasionally turning off the heat during a 50g roast.

Please install and open Kaffelogic Studio to apply the update. Select the 'View memory stick' or 'View roaster sync folders' tool and the 'Firmware' tab. This lets you download and save the update file with a single click.

If your roaster has a Type-A USB connector and takes a memory stick, you then need to perform two more steps:

  1. Put the memory stick in the roaster.
  2. Hold ▶ down while you turn the power switch on and the firmware will update off the memory stick. The firmware update is installed from the /kaffelogic/firmware folder.

Alternatively, download one of these firmware update files:

Read the release notes for more information. A previous stable version of the firmware, 7.7.14, is available here and here.

To confirm your installed firmware version on the roaster: press ≡ four times, until you see "Press ▶ now for technical info". The ▶ button will then step you through various pieces of information about your roaster including your installed firmware version.

The Nano 7 comes pre-loaded with a default profile called "K-logic classic." This profile makes a fantastic job of most coffee varieties at a medium roast. Experiment to see which level of roast you prefer.

The core profiles are a set of 12 profiles that allow you to fine tune your roast profile to your coffee and your tastes. The guide and map are available from our Manuals page.

The core profiles are supplied pre-loaded on your Connect roaster or your supplied memory stick. They can also be downloaded here as a zip.

Core profiles zip file.

More roast profiles are available from our community forum, although results are not guaranteed for community-contributed profiles.

Once you have found a profile on the forum, download it and open it with Kaffelogic Studio. From there click "Save to roaster" or "Save to USB".