Kaffelogic Studio is our profile management software. It is available for free download and allows you to view logs as well as modify and design profiles.

There is absolutely no need for you to use Studio so long as you find the Kaffelogic 12 core profiles are meeting your needs. If that is the case, just select the appropriate profile and enjoy the coffee. However, if you develop the interest in the future you can start downloading, studying, and modifying additional profiles, and Studio will then become your coffee roasting hub for the Nano 7.

On the other hand, if you are buying a Kaffelogic specifically because you want to modify and create roast profiles, then Studio will be your main profile management tool from the get go.

Viewing logs

When you use the Nano 7 with a memory stick plugged in, the roast is automatically logged on the memory stick. The log can be viewed using Kaffelogic Studio. The log shows the roast profile curve with the actual temperature curve from the roast superimposed. In addition there are several channels of information that help assess how the beans responded to the profile, including rate of rise and heater power.

Editing profiles

Kaffelogic Studio has an easy to use curve editor that allows you to quickly draw roast profile curves exactly as you want them. There are also a number of settings that can be adjusted, including fan profile and changes that can be made to the roaster's behaviour at specific times during the roast. These settings are organised into four levels of difficulty, so that the beginner can select an appropriate set of controls without being overwhelmed at the start. Whether you want to dabble with making small tweaks to our existing core profiles, or go full noise and start developing roast profiles from scratch, Kaffelogic Studio is the right tool for the job.

Intuitive workflow

Record a log while the memory stick is in the roaster. Move the memory stick to the laptop, examine the log, and cup the coffee. Extract the profile from the log to make changes. Then save the edited profile to the memory stick, move it back to the roaster, and repeat the cycle. In this way customised profiles can be quickly developed where you are responding to what the beans actually did in the last roast.

Powerful import and export feature

Kaffelogic Studio has been built to facilitate using the Nano 7 as a sample roaster for commercial production roasts. It can import and export in a number of formats including Artisan, Cropster, Sonofresco™, and Ikawa™ (import only). And because production roasters have different bean temperature probes it also has temperature and time conversions that can be automated, tuned, and saved to enable near instant transfer of a Kaffelogic profile onto your production roaster. And if that seems a bit complicated, our roast consultant can assist with training.

Free download

Download for free, whether or not you are a Kaffelogic customer. It's not as much fun if you don't have the roaster, but you are nevertheless welcome to try it before you buy your roaster.