We designed the Nano 7 to suit your kitchen and your busy life. It is the only roaster in its class with one-touch operation and designed to fit on your kitchen bench.

You no longer need to keep a supply of roasted coffee in the house for those unexpected visitors. With Kaffelogic Ready to Drink roast profiles you can go from green bean to brew in just 12 minutes. Roast on demand is now a reality.

We respect your intelligence. It is easy to use, but we haven't dumbed it down for the home consumer. We sell you the same machine that we sell to professionals for commercial sample roasting. With Kaffelogic you don’t sacrifice quality when you roast at home. Plus we give you full access to our professional profile development software Kaffelogic Studio, so you can dig deep into profile design if that’s your thing.

The industry standard 100g batch size is perfect for sample roasting.

It is capable of continuous back-to-back sample roasting with each sample running without user intervention. Lets you power through the samples with confidence.

Zero installation saves big bucks.

Robust modular construction makes maintenance and upgrades straightforward.

Kaffelogic Studio, world-leading profile editing software, lets you experiment and discover the best way to roast a particular coffee. And when you have hit the sweet spot, it features customisable transformations and exports to Artisan, Cropster, and Sonofresco™. Helping you get those fantastic profiles into production.

Explore new retail models. Ready to Drink profiles allow you to explore roast-on-demand and roast-at-table. Enhance your sales of green coffee by providing tuned Kaffelogic profiles for specific lots.

Kaffelogic: enhancing your present business, and helping you create new business.

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