Why roast your own?

Freshly roasted coffee is packed with flavour. It is difficult to manage buying and consuming ready-roasted coffee at its peak of freshness; roasting your own in batches of 100g makes fresh coffee practical every day.

Specialty coffees are the best available in the world. Roasted to perfection they are incomparable. For the same price as ordinary roasted coffee you can get extraordinary specialty green beans and astonish your taste buds.

Coffees from different origins each have a distinctive taste. When you buy them green you know the origins and can experience them separately as single-origin coffees, or blend them according to your tastes.

In general green beans of comparable quality cost about half as much as roasted beans. With moderate use your coffee roaster should pay for itself in about 1-2 years, after which you will feel the savings every time you roast.
You know where green coffee comes from, often down to the plantation or individual grower. Buying green ensures a higher proportion of the price goes back to the grower. Buying specialty coffee provides higher returns to the growers, allowing them to improve the quality of the coffee as well as the quality of their lives.