Virtual Café

The Virtual Café is open every Wednesday for 40 mins. We usually have a specific topic, but also take general Q&A. The sessions are open to Kaffelogic owners and anyone interested in purchasing one. We are also happy to do demos of the Kaffelogic in action, and to answer your questions and discuss coffee roasting and brewing methods.

Kaffelogic Studio workshop series

This series of Virtual Café sessions ran from 22 April to 8 July 2020. In it Chris Hilder and Wayne Burrows introduced users to the Kaffelogic Studio app and how to use it to develop your own profiles. The sessions where specific topics were covered were recorded. Check this forum post for the topic list and for links to videos of the sessions.

Current topic

The topic for the three weeks 15, 22, and 29 July 2020 is 'How to brew coffee straight off the roast'. Coffee expert Wayne Burrows will be explaining how to dial in the grind and extract the perfect shot using the Kaffelogic 'Ready to Drink' profiles. Up your coffee mojo with Wayne's help and get a jump start on your journey toward crafting incomparably good coffee.

Join the café online 

Click the link below and you will join our Zoom  meeting room. Try it now to make sure you are ready and have the necessary apps installed. You might have a few hoops to jump through such as installing the Zoom  app and permitting the app to access your mic and camera. 

We are looking forward to meeting you.


  • every Wednesday
  • 9.00am to 9.40am Sydney time
  • 11am to 11.40am Auckland time

Zoom meeting ID 4668698181 password 466869

Join the café - click this link:   Kaffelogic Virtual Café