Coffee engineer: Chris Hilder

Chris has been writing software for microcomputers since the halcyon days of the Apple II computer in the early 80's. Then he could get the computer to do anything but make the coffee. Now he has mastered the coffee making part too.

The Kaffelogic Nano has been in four years of active development. Chris completely re-thought roast control and developed algorithms inspired by mimicking what a person does when controlling a coffee roaster.


Production adviser: David Cohen 

David's background includes in excess of 25 years in product development, operations and project management in the electrical and electronics manufacturing industries. After that long in product development and engineering, an interest in good coffee was inevitable.



Marketing adviser: Rachel Elder

Rachel was part of the team that seeded the successful OCHO PledgeMe campaign. She is also a Dunedin City Councillor. Rachel is part of the strong support network for local manufacturing in Dunedin. Her mantra, even before the first coffee of the morning kicks in, is “yes, we can!”



The Kaffelogic team is admirably supported by the Dunedin start up community. Dunedin is a great place for a start up because there is a strong community of mentors and suppliers to work with, as well as a lively coffee industry.


+64 27 463 8422

9 Slant St
Careys Bay
Port Chalmers 9023
New Zealand