Start with the best beans in the world

Keep a range of single-origin coffees in your kitchen cupboard and roast what you like, when you like. Green beans are easy to obtain online (see our FAQ for suppliers) and it's the only way to obtain some of the world's best specialty coffees. Green beans stay fresh for months, so stock up on the ones you like the most.

Pick the best roast profile

Kaffelogic roasting systems boast exquisite control over every stage of the roast. Use the built-in roast profile, download a roast profile specific to the beans you are roasting, or use our app to develop and share your own roast profiles.

Enjoy the coffee

Scoop, pour, click. Fifteen minutes later enjoy freshly roasted beans: locally roasted at your place.



Jason Hall of Ripe Coffee, Petone, has this to say about our roaster: "We are amazed at the potential of this little roaster. The 4 years of development has produced a high tech roaster that any one can use. The ability to produce profile roasted coffee in a home roaster has always been a challenge, the Kaffelogic Coffee Roaster has set a new benchmark for home roasters."

Manufacturing for early adopters
This is where the journey begins

Our crowd funding campaign reached its target mid 2018. This campaign funded mould making and compliance testing preparatory to manufacturing.

Electrical safety standards compliance testing was completed in November 2018.

Manufacturing is under way and we will be delivering to our early adopters in January 2019.

just roastedWe are enjoying amazing coffee from our first production machines. Our beta testers are telling us things like "the best coffee I've ever had." 

Our PledgeMe campaign closed 14 May 2018. We are now flat out making our first production run of roasters for our early adopters. If you missed the PledgeMe campaign you will have the opportunity to purchase one soon - we expect to have pre-orders available towards the end of 2018 for delivery first quarter 2019. Sign up for our newsletter and we will let you know as soon as they become available.

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