The Kaffelogic Virtual Café is an online session where we offer tutorials, discussion, and an opportunity for our customers to meet our team.

The Virtual Café opens on Wednesdays for 40 minute sessions. We don't open every Wednesday so you need to keep an eye out for notices on the Community Forum. Join the Kaffelogic Updates and Alerts forum. Scroll to the bottom and click "Subscribe forum". You will need to be registered and logged in before you can subscribe.

Join the café online 

Click the link below and you will join our Zoom  meeting room. Try it now to make sure you are ready and have the necessary apps installed. You might have a few hoops to jump through such as installing the Zoom  app and permitting the app to access your mic and camera. 

We are looking forward to meeting you.


  • Wednesdays, as announced
  • 9.00am to 9.40am Sydney time
  • 11am to 11.40am Auckland time

Zoom meeting ID 4668698181 password 466869

Virtual café