Kaffelogic Refurbed Website

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Kaffelogic Refurbed Website


Post by Wayne » Tue 01 Dec, 2020 12:09 pm

Good day all

I hope the start of the week has been going well so far and I hope you all have a great week roasting.

On behalf of the entire Kaffelogic team, of which this community is a large part of, I would like to announce that we have just launched our new refurbished Kaffelogic Website.


We would love for you all go go through and have a look at it. We are adding in more relative roasting blog content and have a full stories page that we would love you all to contribute too.

If any of you have your own story or experience with Kaffelogic that you would like to see up on the site or have a blog that you would like to see on the blogs page, please do not hesitate to email me at : [email protected].

Please look out for the new training section on the Community page and if there is anything at you need or want to chat about regarding coffee or Kaffelogic, continue to use the community forum or use the email address above to get in touch.

Thank you all for the time investment and the constant communication on this platform. We appreciate every single post made.

Kaffelogic Team