Studio 4.2.4 released

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Studio 4.2.4 released


Post by kaffelogic » Wed 07 Oct, 2020 11:46 am

Version 4.2.4 is now released.

This version contains a few new features:
  • “Core profiles” tab on the “View memstick” tool.
  • Display end by time ratio as a sloping line on the profile curve, clearly indicating where the roast will end if it doesn’t follow the profile curve exactly.
  • Add a new ‘Expert’ difficulty level, making it easier to work with some of the more advanced features while still hiding the more arcane settings.
  • New feature: export PDF
  • Include the phases panel in the ‘Capture and save’ tool.
  • This version also contains a number of minor bugfixes, especially relevant if you use the import feature (especially Sonofresco), or the Linux version.
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