Firmware 7.4 beta releases

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Firmware 7.4 beta releases


Post by kaffelogic » Fri 27 Mar, 2020 10:08 am

Version 7.4 is under development. It includes a couple of significant new features. It also supports the new 220V elements that are currently in beta testing. This version is under active development - subscribe to this topic if you want to be advised as new development releases are made available.

Available here: ... o--Q-ud2cb

Enhanced cooldown
Version 7.4.3 - We are working on some changes to the way the cool down cycle behaves - lengthening it to achieve cooler beans when it stops. We started work on this feature because some users were experiencing heat build-up over a sequence of 6 or more back-to-back roasts. Version 7.4.3 includes several changes to the way ambient temperatures are calculated, the way the fan slows down during cool down, and the length of cool down. These changes are all intended to assist with back-to-back roasts. The longer cool down also has a positive effect on flavour development. Version 7.4.3 is stable and recommended for users who wish to explore and give feedback on this feature.

Power profiling
Version 7.4.4 - We are working on a new roast control feature called ‘power profiling’. We started on this feature as a request from one of our forum members. Version 7.4.4 is an early test release and should only be installed if you are actively testing this new feature. This feature is under development and may change a little as a result of feedback we get from testers. This version is recommended for users who are happy to contribute to the development of this feature by trialling it. Full details here; viewtopic.php?f=6&t=140#p856