Beta release Studio 4.0.3

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Beta release Studio 4.0.3


Post by kaffelogic » Thu 20 Feb, 2020 12:26 pm

Kaffelogic Studio 4.0.3

Version 4.0.3 is now available as a beta. This is a further release candidate and is considered stable. This release includes several new features compared to version 3.2.4. The rate of development has been too fast to allow an official release since 3.2.4, but the intention is now to release 4.0.3 subject only to critical bugs emerging during beta testing. Thanks to our beta testers, and also to all users who have suggested improvements.

New features:
  • Name change from ‘Kaffelogic Profile Management Studio’ to ‘Kaffelogic Studio’
  • New options to adjust appearance of RoR curves - scaling and smoothing
  • Can now compare multiple profiles and logs simultaneously
  • New Area Under the Curve feature in Tools menu
  • New import from Ikawa CSV file and Cropster XLS file
  • New import and export Artisan JSON format
  • The software now automatically checks for updates
  • The Mac version is now Catalina-ready
  • Workflow improvements
    • View and download firmware update files on ‘view memory stick’ dialog
    • Open files from ‘view memory stick’ dialog
    • Better editing of profiles (especially management of x-axis extents, zooming with touchpad, several bugfixes for less common use cases, new recommendations about levels, better retention of default directory on Mac and Linux)
    • Better validation of profile data when exporting to Sonofresco
    • Improved experience on importing with settings retained between sessions and turning points automatically removed from imported profiles
    • Save image (capture) allows you to specify image size
    • Better behaviour when log files contain bad data
Visit ... o--Q-ud2cb to download the latest beta version. Please post feedback in questions and comments.