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Post by Jaybee » Tue 08 Dec, 2020 4:20 pm

I started home roasting last century and my adventures (and misadventures) have finally brought me here to the Nano 7!

I was hesitant because of my own prejudices brought on by so many uneven and inconsistent popper roasts in my early days which had driven me to chasing slower roasts in bigger batch sizes for stability and consistency. Roasting for me had become a fairly manual, time consuming process and somewhat lacking in enjoyment.

Well the fun is back!

These 120g batches are awesome for re-visiting my green bean collection and with consistent fully automatic roasting I’ve been profiling my beans and discovering flavours and body in a whole new way. Very much enjoying others sharing their tasting notes too, I shall try and share what works for me too.

Happy days :D

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