Memory stick best practice

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Memory stick best practice


Post by kaffelogic » Tue 24 Aug, 2021 7:24 pm

The Kaffelogic Nano 7 uses a USB memory stick to transfer files to and from the roaster. This is a simple and usually reliable way to transfer files. But memory sticks are not very fault tolerant, so they need to be treated with some care and never unplugged while they are being read or written.

What can go wrong?
There are three types of damage that can happen if a memory stick is unplugged while it is in use:
  1. The file being read or written is damaged and cannot be opened, or opens but contains garbled information.
  2. The file directory is damaged and some or all of the memory stick becomes unusable. Re-formatting is the only way to fully restore it. All files are lost on re-formatting.
  3. And rarely, cells which hold internal flash drive information are damaged, and cannot be accessed or repaired. Re-formatting does not restore the memory stick. Short of employing a forensic data recovery expert you might as well toss the memory stick in the bin.
How can this be prevented?
One rule: never remove the memory stick, or turn the roaster off, while the fan is running. There is a memory stick icon that appears in the bottom right corner of the screen to remind you that the memory stick is in use. This indicates that a log file is being written. However, it doesn't appear in every view. The simple rule is: wait for the fan to stop before you remove the memory stick or turn the roaster off.

What if you don't want to wait for cool down to finish?
  1. Do not pull the memory stick out while cool down is running.
  2. Do not turn the roaster off as a way of ending cool down. You can end cool down early by pressing start and then minus.
How can you ensure that your memory stick is always backed up?
Since your memory stick is always at risk, you need to make sure that any valuable data on it is backed up. Fortunately this is as simple as making sure Kaffelogic Studio is part of your workflow. Whenever you have Studio open, and you plug your memory stick into your laptop, a backup is automatically made of all logs and profiles on the memory stick. You can access this backup from the Studio Tools menu at any time.

What else can go wrong with a memory stick?
Flash memory can wear. One symptom is often that accessing the memory stick slows down. You will notice that the memory stick icon might take many seconds to come on at the start of a roast. This is a sign of flash memory wear. You might want to replace your memory stick if you see this symptom.

By the way
It is ok to plug your memory stick in at any time. So if you start a roast, and then remember your memory stick, it is ok to plug it in and it will start logging without any issues.

In conclusion
Sometimes life for a memory stick is nasty, brutish, and short. Take the best care of your memory stick that you can. It can give years of reliable service (twenty years is not unheard of), but be aware there is always a risk that it will stop working without notice.

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