Wireless Flash Drives - Don't bother...

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mr. bean
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Wireless Flash Drives - Don't bother...


Post by mr. bean » Sat 16 Jan, 2021 4:17 pm

I thought I'd share my experience of trying a 'wireless flash drive' with the Nano.
this is the one I bought: https://www.digidirect.com.au/sandisk-w ... ecQAvD_BwE

I had never heard of them till last week when I friend mentioned them. They are a normal USB flash drive, but with WIFI capability.
Like many, I'm keenly awaiting the Bluetooth upgrade, and so was very excited that a wireless flash drive might be a great interim solution. I was hoping I would be able to access the drive through my standard file system (i.e. Finder on MAC) as if it was plugged in, but over the WIFI, whilst it was plugged into the Nano 7. Maybe I could even open up the last roast, extract the profile, tweak it, and save it, all while the Nano was getting on the with the next roast and saving a new roast log. How great would that be!

Once I received the drive it was a downhill journey from 'this is a little fiddly' to 'this is basically completely useless'...

In short, they are really designed as extra storage for phones and tablets, not a 'wireless flash drive' for a computer. The only way to access them from the computer is via a browser to local address, and then it's read and download only - absolutely no way of uploading a file. Even worse, the wireless function only works when it's not plugged into a computer that is switched on (which includes the Nano). EVEN WORSE, after you switch off the nano, you have to press an annoying button on the device to turn it on, which is probably overall more difficult than simply pulling out the USB.

So, in conclusion, if you were wondering whether a wireless flash drive could be handy for the Nano - wonder no longer. It isn't. If you'd never heard of them, your life was better before.

If someone out there is aware of a device that does actually do what I was imagining, please let me know!

Cheers, Matt (Mr. Bean)

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Re: Wireless Flash Drives - Don't bother...


Post by kaffelogic » Mon 18 Jan, 2021 10:05 am

Thanks for providing this report Matt. I was initially hopeful, like you, that these devices would be useful to Kaffelogic users, but it looks like it is not to be. We do have a solution in the pipeline with a Bluetooth module, but it is still several months away.

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Re: Wireless Flash Drives - Don't bother...


Post by Amberale » Mon 18 Jan, 2021 1:46 pm

I too was hopeful but a bloke at JB hifi put me right.

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