En passant result and different roasts

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En passant result and different roasts


Post by nrdlnd » Wed 28 Oct, 2020 12:11 pm

I've tried a new blend with about 40% Indian Kaledavarapura, 40% Sumatra Lintong and 20% Colombia Santa Rita. I made it with the Classic profile. I roasted 115 gram together. 1C came rather early. I stopped at DTR about 26% and L became 1.7. This roast was meant to be an espresso roast as most of my roasts. Despite the rather low roast level it was roasted medium and some beans medium dark.

This blend did never work vey well for espresso. Very difficult to brew and always run too fast. It did not taste very good. Drinkable but too sour. Now comes the surprise! From the last portion after about 8½ days rest I made a filter brew. It wasn't guite enough beans so I mixed in 20% Brazilian Dolce Diamantina roasted with Classic at L=3.3 (this roast made a very nice espresso on it's own). This filter brew tasted very fruity and bloomy. Very nice! Even my spouse who always drink with milk liked it without milk! I will experiment further with this roast for drip/filter coffee.
201018_Kalledavarapura_SumatraLintong_ColombiaSantaRita_Classic_1.7.png (55.26 KiB) Viewed 849 times
I have made another quite different roast with the same blend this time with one of my favorite profiles for espresso; Steady&Dark II. I listened to 1C and it came much later. I stopped the roast at DTR about 22% and L became 4.8. I think this is default for this profile. It became a rather dark roast I think it looks like "Full City".
Taste: One day - OK espresso, strong taste, a little bitter. Two days: Balanced even cold. Easier to taste different components. Chocolate body. Balanced acidity. Less bitterness. Edit: The last two shots after 4½ days rest. It has developed further. Strong espresso rather earthy, not bitter, balanced acidity. I made one straight "double" and one cappucino both very good. I have made similar blends before but instead of the Indian Kallevarapura some Sweet Brazil bean. With the Brazil it does become milder and sweeter. I think I like this last blend (with the Indian) better. I have got some good results with Steady&Dark II for espresso European style. Next time I will try to roast it a little shorter to a DTR around 20% and see how that works out.
201024_Kalledavarapura_SumatraLintong_ColombiaSantaRita_SteadyDarkII_4.8.png (58.1 KiB) Viewed 850 times

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