Tip for keeping the stainless housing looking pretty

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Tip for keeping the stainless housing looking pretty


Post by Lenbok » Mon 25 Mar, 2019 10:44 pm

I got my Kaffelogic about a week and a half ago and my first thought was "wow this is really cool, and is so much less faffing about than my old modded hot air popcorn method". And unlike the old setup, it definitely has the Spouse Acceptance Factor.

My next thought after a couple of roasts was "wow, were my hands really that grubby that it made the stainless look like that so quick!", so I totally understand why you are moving to a black housing for the retail units.

Anyway, after looking around the internet I found a nice tip that I had to share with folk here for keeping the current stainless housing looking really primo.

Step 1: Clean those grotty fingerprints off the existing housing with a soft cloth dipped in a little white vinegar. It might take a couple of applications but it'll get back to being nice and spotless. Try and go with the stainless grain. You don't want the cloth so wet that there's any danger of surplus vinegar going into the usb port or buttons/screen, and be a bit careful around those areas anyway.

Step 2: Get another soft cloth, dip it in a little mineral oil (AKA Johnson's Baby Oil) and gently rub that over the stainless (again, you don't want much and be careful around the USB/buttons/screen). The web pages I found said you could also use olive oil.

Since doing that a week ago, you can barely see my fingerprints from handling the roaster, and any fingerprints wipe off really easily.


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