Instructions for green bean sellers

Roast profiles for specific beans, supplied by green bean sellers
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Instructions for green bean sellers


Post by kaffelogic » Mon 18 Jan, 2021 10:36 am

  • Use the "New Topic" button to create a topic for your specific origin or blend.
  • Include a description of the beans, plus a link to your online shop page where the beans can be purchased. Include the link by enclosing the URL between [url] and [/url].
  • Attach your customised profile for the beans using the "Attachments" tab at the foot of the editor.
  • After you submit the topic, click the QR code icon (Image) to obtain the QR code to print on the label. Make sure you also print the URL associated with the QR code so that desktop users can easily find the profile by typing in the URL.
The QR code will continue to point to the same topic on our forum. You are free to edit the topic text and replace the attached profile at any time - there is no need to reprint the labels if you do this.