Offer to share in wholesale bag of Specialty Kenyan AA Beans (Sydney)

Share your tasting notes and evaluation of the beans you have roasted, plus evaluation of the different profiles you have used.
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Offer to share in wholesale bag of Specialty Kenyan AA Beans (Sydney)


Post by mr. bean » Wed 07 Jul, 2021 2:54 pm

Hi All, I posted this in the facebook group, but just in case there's relevant people here that are not on Facebook...

I'm wondering if anyone in Sydney might be keen to go in for a 30kg bag of specialty Kenyan beans?
I roast Kenyan every week for a friend and love it myself, so happy to have heaps, but 30kg is a lot for a Nano!

Thinking of getting a bag of these:

Cost is $18.44 / kilo.
It’s not much cheaper than what I’ve been paying for Kenyan AA when I can get 30% off at Green Bean Coffee, but this gets me specialty grade for slightly less than what I'm already paying…

I’m in chatswood. I’m happy to pick up the beans from the warehouse and organize splitting into some 5kg bags at cost price. Kind of like a fruit and veg co-op... but even better, because it's coffee : )

I am keen for at least 10kg, and I have someone keen for 10kg. If anyone else wants 5-10, just let me know.

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