Burundi Businde Natural Process

Share your tasting notes and evaluation of the beans you have roasted, plus evaluation of the different profiles you have used.
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Burundi Businde Natural Process


Post by kaffelogic » Wed 27 Jan, 2021 9:53 pm

This coffee was purchased from Vanguard Coffee, Dunedin.

This is a magnificent coffee roasted on 1500-2000m RTD at around Level 2.6. It responds brilliantly to the RTD profiles.

The tasting notes are Blueberry, Melon, Cocoa. The cocoa dominates in espresso, but the blueberry and especially melon come, especially in the aftertaste, with Aeropress. This coffee has a rich complex flavour that gets Eryn's approval, and that's the gold standard in coffee roasting: that the love of your life approves.

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