Cupping Profiles and Blend for Cupping 15 April 2020

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Cupping Profiles and Blend for Cupping 15 April 2020


Post by Wayne » Wed 08 Apr, 2020 12:29 pm

Good day All

This topic will cover the following :
  • Cupping profiles for cupping session
  • Coffee list for the cupping
  • J-Blend percentage

Cupping profiles for cupping session[

Please find attached the two profiles to be used for cupping.
Use " Cupping Standard " profile as your cupping profile
Use " Cupping Medium " profile as your medium cupping profile

We will be using the cupping to show the following in the coffee we are tasting :
  • Any and all defects / undesirable flavours in the green
  • Base flavours we have to start with and a point of reference to start pushing our ROAST profiles
The difference between the two profiles is Recommended end time. We will be assessing the change in flavour between cupping profile and cupping medium profile.

Coffee list for the cupping

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe 100g x 2
Colombian Excelso 100g x 2
Kenyan AB 100g x 2

Remember - We will be roasting each one of these coffee origins on both cupping profiles

J-Blend percentage
  • 50% - Colombian Excelso
  • 33.3% - Kenyan AB
  • 16.7% - Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Remember - Please roast these origins above for the blend first by using both cupping profiles and once they have cooled , make 2x identical blends from the roasts - 100% J-Blend Cupping Roast and 100% J-Blend Cupping Medium Roast

Have fun Ladies and Gentlemen !!!!
Cupping STANDARD.kpro
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Cupping MEDIUM.kpro
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Re: Cupping Profiles and Blend for Cupping 15 April 2020


Post by Beanz » Sat 09 May, 2020 1:23 pm

Waiting with baited breath for the outcome of this exercise. Which profile worked best for which bean? Thanks in advance

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