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Post by Amberale » Mon 18 Jan, 2021 12:37 pm

Hello Roasters.
Just popping in to introduce myself after finally signing up.

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum/thread.
I am a novice roaster in rural Victoria, Australia.
I purchased my Nano7 about a month ago and have been having fun learning the craft with beans from Beanbay in Geelong.
I have complicated my learning curve somewhat by also changing my grinder and espresso machine but I am still very happy with my results so far.
I am playing with the 12 standard roasts so far as I generally use an Ipad and haven’t/can’t download the other software.
There is plenty of scope within those profiles to keep me going for quite a while yet. :)
It is hard to believe how easy this machine makes roasting.

Anyway, I look forward to picking the brains of you good folk and seeing what the future brings to this process.

Cheers Craig aka Amberale

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Re: Hello


Post by fnq » Sat 30 Jan, 2021 9:05 pm

Hi Craig

They are a quiet lot on this site: so belated welcome.

Sounds like the triple upgrades will definitely keep you on your toes. - lucky you.

I have found the BB Columbian VG and the Peru CDJ?? good single origin beans for medium dark espresso / milk drinks, and are a good bunch to roast - i use the RTD profiles for the correct height above sea level on these at around 3.4 Roast level... a couple of people have found the need to go a bit finer on grind for the Peruvian bean - so it can test your grinder adaptation speed Cheers Darryl

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