Worlds Largest Coffee Tasting

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Worlds Largest Coffee Tasting


Post by Steve » Sat 22 Aug, 2020 10:35 am

James Hoffmann recently announced they are doing it again, with some improvements in logistics allowing more people to join.

Due to the time difference AU/NZ likely most here will not do it live. Last time there was an excellent spread of different coffees of a high quality and roasted very well. Square Mile source some pretty great greens and it is a worthwhile experiment if you are interested in expanding taste at a reasonable price. That being said its probably worthwhile getting the tracked shipping which is about the same as single tasting kit.

It is a blind tasting of 5 coffees 30g each, comes with grind sample and pack of Third Wave Water mineral to mix with distilled water. This is so everyone is using roughly the same grind and exactly same water.

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